'Selfie with Ambani, access to MCA lounge &..': What are the perks of Rs 25,000 IPL ticket at Wankhede?

Recently a social media user shared a video on X highlighting the perks of Rs 25,000 worth IPL 2024 ticket at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

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Watching IPL live at the stadium has started to be on the bucket list of many Indian and international fans. Apart from watching their favourite players, it has been witnessed that fans who attend IPL matches in the stadium often go viral on social media. In fact, IPL cameramen often come under social media scrutiny for panning the camera towards female spectators during the live match. There are multiple stories available online when a fan was showcased during a live IPL match and their fame skyrocketed overnight. Talking about live IPL matches, recently a social media user shared a video on X highlighting the perks of Rs 25,000 worth IPL 2024 ticket. 


A user named Vinesh Prabhu took to his X handle and shared a video with the caption, "So this was my experience of watching a 25,000 Rs game at Wankhede yesterday." 


In the video, the user can be heard saying, "So, this was my experience of watching a Rs 25,000 match at the Wankhede. My seat was inside a box and there were tons of food available there which I really enjoyed. But, to watch the match I had to go outside since the seats were outside. 


Delhi Capitals won the toss and they chose to bowl first. Mumbai Indians batted brilliantly. But, the highlight of the day was getting exclusive access MCA lounge at the Wankhede stadium. One of the best experiences ever. There was unlimited food and unlimited drink. There was dessert, starters, I mean there was everything like you have arrived in a marriage."


The user further highlighted, "In the end, I had a very good dinner which I did in the MCA lounge. Fortunately, I met Aakash Ambani there with whom I took a selfie as well. The day came to an end after seeing off Sachin Tendulkar, Hardik Pandya, and Jaspirt Bumrah."

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