In what that can be termed as a unique initiative, a seven storey tower has been constructed in Parbatsar town of Rajasthan's Nagaur district for birds which will officially witness a house warming ceremony on Wednesday.

What makes this tower unique for birds, is its height which is 65 feet. Also, food and water will be available for them round the clock. A total of Rs 8 lakh has been spent on the construction of the tower which has seven floors for birds.

Constructed by Chanchaldevi Baldevi Lunawat Trust from Ajmer, the tower provides all amenities for birds.

A pigeon shed is already being run in one part of the land here and now this bird house would yet be another attraction.

The land worth Rs 1 crore was earlier donated by philanthropists and now it has a park for kids to play and a prayer room for senior citizens to pray.

Presently old people perform kirtan in morning and evening hours after serving food to pigeons.

A total of 400 trees and saplings have also been planted here out of which 100 are of Ashoka. The pigeon shed was inaugurated by Jain saints Roop Muni and Vinay Muni on 14 January 2014.

Every day 5-6 sacks of paddy are fed to the pigeons here.

Trust president Nathmal Duggad said that at present paddy comes from Ajmer Mandi in the pigeon shed here for four to five times every month, whose estimated cost is around Rs 3 lakh. Now with the creation of the bird house, the consumption of food and water for the birds in the pigeon shed will also increase.

He said that apart from the bird house, a water pool has also been constructed for the birds to drink water. For the first several years, water was being arranged by tankers, but recently, boring has been done in the pigeon shed itself.

"Interest earned from the bank on FD deposited in trust's account is used for birds here. At present Rs 50 lakh is deposited in the bank account. The principal amount is never used," Duggad added.

This is country's "first well-organised pigeon house" which is being operated in Peeh village, situated at the foothills of Aravali hill in Parbatsar tehsil of Nagaur district.

Source : IANS

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