The whole North India is battling with one of the most severe cold waves. Reportedly, this is the coldest winter that the north region has experienced in the last few decades. Doctors suggest that cold wave is adversely affecting people’s heart and leading to sudden heart failures or cardiac arrests.

Dr Nipun Mahajan, a renowned cardiologist from Tagore Hospital, sheds light on cold wave’s intense impact on adults and children. While speaking to True Scoop, Dr Mahajan also shared some precautions to take in this chilling winter weather.

As per Dr. Nipun, cardiac problems tend to increase during winter, especially in middle-aged or old people. He stated that during winter the arteries get contracted because of cold which leads to increase in blood pressure. As the heart has to pump blood through contracted arteries it exerts pressure on heart which results in increased risk of heart attacks, cardiac arrest or sudden heart failure. This is the reason why doctors tend to prevent people from going on early morning walks especially those who have a history of cardiac problems.

While speaking about the effects of cold wave on children, he stated that children are not at higher risk of cardiac problems compared to adults. Those adults with history of heart problems, hypertension and respiratory problems are at highest risk.

Talking about precautions he stated that foremost, early morning walks should not be allowed during severe foggy and cold days. Secondly, people should keep a regular check on sugar and BP levels and if any constant fluctuations are recorded then the person should seek doctor immediately. For children, he stated that they should not be in contact with blowers or heaters for a very long time. While going to school, children should wear mask to prevent infections from others.

Lastly, he said that by taking proper precautions and monitoring the health on daily basis, people can protect themselves easily from this severe cold wave.

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