SGPC sends Legal Notice to X (Twitter), demands action against fake account

The Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee has asked for legal action against a parody account allegedly spreading hate speech and comments against Sikhism

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Amritsar, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee has sent a legal notice to X/Twitter, initiating action against social media platform X (earlier Twitter) over a fake X account of a Sikh organization. This legal notice has been sent by Advocate Amanbir Singh Siali, the legal advisor of the organization as per the decision of the meeting of the internal committee of Shiromani Committee held on 20 November 2023. Advocate Siali has stated in his notice that spreading and encouraging hate propaganda against any religion or religious organization by social media platforms like X under the policy of parody accounts is a violation of the Indian Penal Code, Information Technology Act 2001 and Information Technology Rules 2021. is He said that this phenomenon is being done to hurt the religious feelings and faith of Sikhs. With this movement, mutual fraternity is also being threatened in the society, so it should be stopped immediately, otherwise the Shiromani Committee will not hesitate to take legal action at all levels.


Giving information about this notice sent, Secretary of the Shiromani Committee. Pratap Singh said that the matter was raised through this social media platform when an ignorant/parody X account of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, the constitutional body of Sikhs, came to light, but at the time of writing, they refused to close it. On rewriting, X/Twitter had described the parody account as part of its policy, after which the Inner Committee headed by Shiromani Committee President Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami has approved legal action.


The Secretary of the Shiromani Committee said that on this fake account, hate propaganda is being spread against the Sikh organization Shiromani Committee and the Sikh community, which cannot be tolerated. He said that tarnishing the image of the constitutional body of Sikhs through this social media account is not appropriate in any way. He said that the Shiromani Committee has written to the governments several times regarding such actions on social media, but this hate movement continues. He also said that it is the duty of the governments to stop policy hate propaganda against any religion, but no adequate steps are being taken to stop it. He said that action should be taken against the people who spread conspiratorial propaganda against the Shiromani Committee.


It is to be noted that the official X/Twitter account of the Shiromani Committee is @SGPCAmritsar while mischievous people have created a parody account @SGPCAmritsar_ and are posting hateful posts against the organization and the Sikh community. The religious symbols included in the official logo of Shiromani Committee have also been tampered with on this fake account.