Actress Shahana Found Dead: The body of Malayalam actress and model Shahana was found hanging from the window grill of her house on 13 May. The police have taken Shahana's husband Sajjad into custody in this case.

Shahana had celebrated her birthday a day earlier i.e. on Thursday 12th May and after that, she was found dead in her house in Kozhikode the same night. Shahana's family members have accused her husband Sajjad of domestic violence and assault. She had married Sajjad only about one and a half years ago. 

Who is Shahana

Shahana was a model and actress by profession. She started her career as a model. After this, she also appeared in some Malayalam commercials. Gradually, Shahana got a chance to work in a Malayalam TV serial. Shahana was not on social media but there are many videos of her series on YouTube. She has not acted in a single film yet, but she wanted to work on the big screen. 

Not suicide, my daughter was murdered: Mother

According to reports, Shahana's mother says that her daughter can never commit suicide. She has been murdered. However, so far no such evidence has been found in the hands of the police, so it can be said that Shahana has been murdered. 

Shahana's mother told that her daughter always used to complain about her husband Sajjad. She used to say that her husband used to beat her up over small things. Sajjad had married my daughter by luring her and later used to beat her up.

There was a controversy regarding the money of the film: 

At the same time, it is also being said in some reports that Shahana was going to be seen in a film soon. She also had a fight with her husband Sajjad over the money received for this film. Even Sajjad had said that if she did not give that check, he would kill Shahana. 

Sajjad says that when he saw Shahana for the last time, she was dead. According to reports, Shahana's husband Sajjad previously worked in the Gulf country of Qatar. But since the last few days, he has had no work. Sajjad lived with Shahana in a rented house in Kozhikode, Kerala for a few months. 

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