Sheetal Angural takes 'Hafta' even from a Kulfiwala; says AAP Minister Aman Arora

The AAP Minister Aman Arora addressed a press conference in Jalandhar on Thursday where he asked five questions to Sheetal Angural and said that he owes these answers to the people of Jalandhar West

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab launched a scathing attack on the BJP candidate Sheetal Angural for betraying the people of Jalandhar west, disrespecting their mandate and prioritising his selfish illegal activities above the welfare of the people. 

The AAP Minister Aman Arora addressed a press conference in Jalandhar on Thursday where he asked five questions to Sheetal Angural and said that he owes these answers to the people of Jalandhar West. Aman Arora was accompanied by AAP's Jalandhar Lok Sabha candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu and Lehra MLA Barinder Goyal. 

The AAP leader said that Sheetal Angural imposed this by-election on the people of Jalandhar for his selfish motives. He said that he betrayed the people and now the people of Jalandhar will teach a lesson to this turncoat. Arora said that Sheetal Angural chose a dictatorial party BJP over the people of his constituency and their mandate. He said that the BJP is working to destroy our constitution and our democracy and the people like Sheetal Angural are helping them to do so. The AAP leader urged the people to vote against such people and parties who are becoming a threat to our democracy. He said that only the Aam Aadmi Party is working to save the constitution of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. 

Aman Arora said that the people of Jalandhar west know Sheetal Angural very well but the Aam Aadmi Party still wants to raise some questions that the ex-MLA must answer before he goes among people to ask for their votes and their trust once again after betraying them in such a manner. 

Aman Arora said that first Sheetal Angural tendered his resignation about two and a half months back and then after the general elections he tried to withdraw his resignation but by then the speaker had already accepted his resignation. The AAP leader asked that for two and a half months Sheetal Angural was with the BJP and campaigning for them then what happened that right after the elections he wanted to withdraw his resignation and wanted to come back to the AAP. Did he first hand witness how the people of Punjab will never accept a corrupt party like the BJP? Arora said that the BJP has two MLA and zero MPs in Punjab. 

The second question that is on the mind of every Jalandhar west resident is that Sheetal Angural and Sushil Kumar Rinku were nemesis then what circumstances arose that they have to become allies of each other. What are they gaining from this new found alliance of theirs. The AAP Minister said that no one is unaware of the fact that there is no love lost between the two, they didn't even spare their families in their feud and hundreds of their supporters injured themselves or went to jail fighting for them. Now what will happen to those supporters. 

Aman Arora further said that it is the responsibility of the elected representative to ensure law and order in his constituency. Arora said that Sheetal Angural had a criminal past but even in these two years he continuously kept his relations with the betters, drug dealers, criminals, illicit liquor mafias and he was involved in these illegal activities. Arora said that Sheetal Angural failed the people of Jalandhar west and failed to fulfill his responsibilities. Arora said that he must answer for his failure.

Fourth question of the Aam Aadmi party is for what kind of works did Sheetal Angural approach the CM Bhagwant Mann? Aman Arora said that the AAP government is fully committed to the development of Punjab. He said that the CM never ignores even a single work of development of any constituency, so the statements of Sheetal Angural regarding this are blatant lies. He added that the CM never lends any hand to the corrupt or even hears any illegal proposals. So if Sheetal Angural is saying his works were not done in the AAP government he should clarify what works he is talking about. 

The AAP leader also questioned the contradictory statements of Sheetal Angural. Arora said that Sheetal Angural, in the holy assembly, sang praises of Bhagwant Mann for 40 minutes but now he is criticising the same person. He said that chief minister Bhagwant Mann is same, he has zero tolerance for corruption or corrupt. So, Sheetal Angural should tell was he lying in the assembly or is he lying now?

Aman Arora said that once again the BJP leaders are talking about the scam in corporation funds scam where Rs 1000 crore came for the development of Jalandhar city under smart city project. He said that similarly during the by-election of Jalandhar Lok Sabha seat, the BJP leaders talked about this scam but never investigated it, what is stopping them? Arora said that actually they (Congress and BJP) all are corrupt, they are hand in glove in looting the development money of the Jalandhar and now no one is actually taking any action. By writing letters to centre, they are only doing formality, BJP leaders are writing letters when they have their own government at centre. So they should who they are misleading with these dramas? 

Aman Arora concluded that the Aam Aadmi Party candidate Mohinder Bhagat has a very clean image, his father Chunni Lal Bhagat worked hard for Jalandhar and did a lot of development while being minister. So, the people of Jalandhar west should only vote for an honest leader like Mohinder Bhagat in this by-poll.