Shehnaaz Gill, who has become a household name after participating in Bigg Boss season 13, has said that she was desperate to get the kind of attention and love that she is getting now.

Shehnaaz further added that even though her one-liners have inspired many memes and funny videos, she doesn't let it all go to its head as she knows that nothing is permanent.

Talking about the fame she is currently enjoying, Shehnaaz in a recent interview, “I am enjoying the moment. Okay. This was the thing I was longing for earlier… that I should be something, that I should do something that people would see, like (this is something that I desperately wanted, that I should do something that people love me).”

She further said, “Think of the people who used to say that I do not know how to speak, I do not know how to talk, how is the accent… people in a hurry. So today that has become my strength, right? So I think no one should be made fun of. Today people make videos of my one-liners.

But it doesn't go in my mind, because I know I am here today, Kal ko Kuch Bhi ho Sakta hai mere Saath (People used to say that I don't know how to speak and used to laugh at my pronunciation. Now that has become) My strength, isn't it? I think no one should be made fun of. Today, people make videos on my one-liners, but it doesn't cross my mind, because I know I am here now but anything can happen at any moment)."

Shehnaaz was recently in the national capital to launch the Brahma Kumaris' girl empowerment campaign. At the event, she talked about her struggles and said that she is still the best that she always was.

“Nothing has come to me easily or prematurely. I believe that if something comes to you too quickly, it goes away quickly. I am working hard and will continue to do so as I want to earn more of this love.”

When asked if she has changed after Bigg Boss 13 and Saath fame, the Punjabi singer and actress revealed, "I think I am the same. The purity is the same but I have improved a lot in terms of understanding things better. I was the best before, and am the best now.

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