Shilpi Raj MSS leaked Video: Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video is now being discussed rapidly across the country. Bhojpuri actress and singer Shilpi Raj is seen in an obscene state. 

It is said that the person who is having a relationship with Shilpi Raj in the video is Shilpi's boyfriend's Vijay and Shilpi are dating each other for a year. Let's take more information.

Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video 

The MMS of Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS Video went viral overnight, after which there was panic in the whole country. This MMS of her is being seen on many platforms including YouTube, and Instagram. Actress Shilpa has reached a big stage these days. In such a situation, her career is being threatened when this video goes viral.

Shilpi Raj's MMS, which is going viral on social media, has been termed fake by Shilpi. She said that she is being implicated in some conspiracy. She also said that I am not the girl who was seen in the video. 

Well, then the actress also said that one should not make this video viral. Shilpi further added that some people are playing such videos on YouTube as well. I am from a poor family I have not done any wrong thing. The video was created by plotting.

Along with Shilpi and her boyfriend, the third person in the room has been traced. It was believed that this person is none other than Shilpi's boyfriend Vijay's friend. 

The same people are also saying that some videos of Shilpi Raj were about to be released, to make them a hit, actress Shilpi Raj and her boyfriend have deliberately made such a video viral. People believe that viral MMS is part of a woven conspiracy.

However, if you found this video of her then don't share it on any social media platform or else anywhere. 

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