Shocking NCRB report reveals the most unsafe states for women in India

Madhya Pradesh ranks at the top with most recorded cases of female harassment in 2022-23, Tamil Nadu follows at second with nearly half as much cases

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Madhya Pradesh, known as the heart of India, recorded the highest number of cases of obscene acts, dirty comments and singing obscene songs in public places according to a shocking report by Central Government. The report was formed on the basis of data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). According to the report, 25,741 such cases of obscene comments and vulgar acts against women were registered across the country in 2022-23. Among these, maximum 39% i.e. 10,133 cases are from Madhya Pradesh. Tamil Nadu is at second place and Maharashtra is at third place.


This report has been prepared to assess the cases of crimes related to moral values ​​and to give instructions to the concerned states to improve them. Apart from this, such crimes have occurred highest in 19 big cities of the country. Among these, Nagpur of Maharashtra is at first place and Indore of Madhya Pradesh is at sixth place. 

Here are the top 12 states in the report ranked in order:

  • Madhya Pradesh: 10,133 Cases
  • Tamil Nadu: 5,336 Cases
  • Maharashtra: 4,222 Cases
  • Uttar Pradesh: 2,874 Cases
  • Kerala: 955  Cases
  • Andhra Pradesh: 657 Cases
  • Chattisgarh: 579 Cases
  • Assam: 343 Cases
  • Haryana: 234 Cases
  • Telangana: 187 Cases
  • Orissa/Odisha: 75 Cases
  • Gujarat: 54 Cases