‘Had show on Bhindranwale death anniversary…’: ‘Goldy Brar’ reveals reason for killing Sidhu Moose Wala in viral audio clip

From calling Sidhu anti-Sikh to levelling accusations at his father for misguiding people, 'Goldy Brar' had a lot to say on the viral audio clip

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An audio, allegedly of Goldy Brar, is going viral where the terrorist made bold accusations against late singer Shubdeep Singh a.k.a Sidhu Moose Wala and his family. From calling Sidhu anti-Sikh to levelling accusations at his father for misguiding people, Goldy Brar had a lot to say on the viral audio clip. However, most shockingly, he also revealed the reason as to why he had the Punjab artist killed. Along with that, he also gave some statements about his own behaviour and life. Here’s what he said:

According to the audio clip, allegedly of Goldy Brar, Sidhu had a show in Delhi on June 5. June 5 is the anniversary of Operation Bluestar which claimed the lives of Sikh militant preacher Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale along with 6 to 7 thousand unarmed Sikhs, including children, according to him. It is generally a Sikh tradition that in mourning of those martyred, no celebration occurs in the week of June 5. Even birthday celebrations are postponed to next week. Goldy claimed that they killed Sidhu because they didn’t want him to do the show. Because of this, the speaker of the audio clip claims that Sidhu should not be considered a martyr. He would have later gone on a world tour, and they would not have known when he’d return or where he would be.

As per reports, Goldy had allegedly claimed that it is going viral on social media that Sidhu had a ‘Panthak’ mindset and working for the betterment of the Sikh community. But Sidhu’s father (Balkaur Singh) is misguiding the public and is also an active supporter of the “Sikh’s blood-drinking” Congress party, Goldy allegedly claimed. He also said that the Sidhu family have supported Congress since the beginning, including 1984.  However, he remained silent regarding his possible involvement in Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s murder.

Goldy also reportedly gave a statement explaining himself saying that “while are actions are our bad, and we are bad people, but we only became like that after my house was blown, otherwise I would have been an ordinary young man, like ordinary people, among ordinary people. I have also worked hard driving a truck for 40–40 hours, that too without incident.” He further claimed that his life took a turning point after he lost his brother on 12 October 2020. After that, there was no consideration of what was good bad and just took what was in front of him, he allegedly claimed.

While the audio is claimed to be of Goldy Brar, True Scoop News could not conclusively verify the identity of the speaker on the audio clip.