Giving life to the dying: Gurudwara in Gaziabad serves patients with ‘oxygen langar’ amid shortage

This time people are standing in long queues in front of Gurudwara in spite of the hospitals for the supply of medical oxygen.

In Gaziabad due to lack of proper treatment in the corona camps, people from Indirapuram, Vasundhara, Vaishali, and Sahibabad are also reaching the gurudwara. The team of Indirapuram Gurudwara is now engaged in providing free oxygen in this crucial time when people are dying due to a lack of medical oxygen and beds. 

Due to the spike in corona cases, the district administration of Gaziabad is shaken and in such time this free oxygen langar has become a ray of hope. This langar will not only provide oxygen for the natives of Gaziabad, but it is open for all. 

Watch the video: 

On Thursday night a patient was given free oxygen inside the car and about two hours the patient was relieved and was sent home safely. And till Friday evening, 240 patients are relieved with the free supply of oxygen.  

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Gurpreet Singh, President of Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara in Indirapuram said the oxygen shortage has incited problems because of coronavirus. Social Media is flooded with pleading and crying people due to lack of medical oxygen. Amid this Gurudwara, the team is providing free oxygen is not less than a boon. 

Gurudwara committee is arranging oxygen at their level, they are struggling but not giving up. The cylinders are refilling and the lives have been saved. On Friday too, a number of people were present for the free oxygen. 

After getting disappointed from all sides many people reached to gurudwara. However, they have to wait in long queues for their turn and some even waited till the next morning. But people are gathering near the gurudwara in hope that the testing may get done. People are relieved as 300 test centers are arranged daily in the Indirapuram Gurudwara.  

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