Lawrence Bishnoi, in a well hatched out conspiracy, to protect his brother Anmol Bishnoi and his close associate Sachin Thapan and himself had created a perfect alibi so that he and his associates are not linked to the crime and thus absolve them of their involvement in the murder of SMW. To execute this plan, he procured passports for his brother Anmol
Bishnoi and Sachn Thapan on fake particulars, that were issued by RPO Delhi, and made them flee the country before the execution of this murder. He settled them abroad from where they could co-ordinate, facilitate and successfully execute this crime without being noticed or held culpable.

Anmol Bishnoi (brother of Lawrence Bishnoi) has a criminal past (18 criminal cases). Lastly he was in Jodhpur Jail from where he was released on bail on 07-10-2021

Anmol Bishnoi had got his passport issued by RPO Delhi under the fake particulars (copy attached). Similarly, Sachin Thapan, a close associate of Lawrence Bishnoi and having a criminal past (12 criminal case), also managed to get a passport issued by RPO Delhi under the fake particulars (copy attached). Based on these disclosures made by Lawrence Bishnoi during the interrogation, a separate case FIR No 2, dated 20-06-2022 u/s 384, 465, 466, 471, 120-B IPC, 12 Passport Act and 25 Arms Act, PS Punjab State Crime, SAS Nagar was registered against Lawrence Bishnoi and his associates (copy of the FIR is attached).

A deeper probe shall be conducted to unearth the modus operandi and the role of the officials in this unholy nexus in which the persons with criminal background manage to procure passports on fake particulars from RPO Delhi and flee the country. 

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