Ruckus at Punjab Congress meeting in Amritsar; Gurjit Aujla & Ex-deputy CM OP Soni supporters lock horns

MP OP Soni’s supporters and MP Gurjit Aujla’s supporters were seen chanting slogans against each other regarding Hindu and Sikh face in Congress

Congress Meeting Amritsar, Congress Amrinder Raja Warring, OP Soni, Gurjit Aujla, Sandeep Sandhu -

There was an uproar in the Amritsar meeting of Congress in-charge Devendra Yadav held to discuss the name of the Lok Sabha candidate from Amritsar. As soon as the name of former Deputy CM OP Soni came up for the position, the supporters of MP Gurjit Aujla were enraged. They started chanting slogans opposed to which, OP Soni's supporters also started raising slogans. As soon as the Congress in-charge entered the meeting hall, the matter escalated into a major uproar within 10 minutes. However, MP Gurjit Aujla somehow managed to pacify the supporters. General Secretary Sandeep Sandhu could be appealing for peace from the stage saying that the discussion had just started, please sit. Congress leader Amrinder Raja Warring also arrived on the spot


Supporters of OP Soni alleged that the Congress party is continuously ignoring the Hindus. They appealed that the Hindu face should also be presented. Hearing this, MP Gurjit Aujla said that this is a city of gurus where Sikhs and Hindus are equally important. Now is the time where the party has to take a decision.


Devendra Yadav said that there is no place for indiscipline in the party. Action will be taken against whoever causes a commotion. Notably, Navjot Sidhu was not present at this meeting held in Amritsar. Sidhu had previously been an MP from Amritsar. He was also elected as MLA from Amritsar, but unfortunately lost the last assembly elections. Earlier, Sidhu was also notably absent in the meeting held by Congress in-charge Devendra Yadav in Chandigarh.


Devendra Yadav, who reached the meeting, said that this meeting has been kept for the workers. No Lok Sabha candidate is being searched in this. Congress is devising a strategy only for the sake of elections. Congress’ Amrinder Raja Warring said that discussions are being held with the workers in these meetings. In this, workers are being strengthened for the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. On Navjot Sidhu's absence, Warring said that it is not necessary that every person be seen on camera. When Pratap Bajwa was asked a question about this uproar, he went on to the stage without responding.

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