'Simply Inappropriate': Two women's Holi celebration inside Delhi Metro sparks row

A video is going viral on social media in which two women were seen making an intimate Holi reel inside the Delhi metro.

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India is all set to celebrate the festival of colours i.e. Holi. To celebrate Holi, people return to their native homes in large numbers. Holi is the first big Hindu festival that is celebrated in the new year. Talking about Holi, a video is going viral on social media that has sparked a massive row. Two women were seen making an intimate Holi reel inside the Delhi metro. Both the women are getting slammed on social media and many are demanding to take strict action against such people. 


Delhi Metro Holi viral video showcases the girls dressed in traditional Indian attire, applying coloured powder to each other's faces before escalating to more intimate gestures, including rubbing their faces together and lying closely. The incident, observed by fellow passengers, has drawn sharp criticism from online users, who condemn the girls' actions as inappropriate. Interestingly such an incident took place in the backdrop of Delhi Metro issuing a stern warning to people not making such kinds of reel. 


Reacting to Delhi Metro women holi video, a user wrote, "Penalties at Delhi Metro- Spitting- ₹200, Travelling on Roof- ₹50, Unlawful Entry- ₹200, Misusing Alarm- ₹500, Making Such Reels- ₹0, Not Giving Moral Lectures But This Is Simply Inappropriate For Others."


Another user wrote, "Holi entertainment in #delhimetro ..Believe me, #delhimetro will never disappoint you. Nobody is paying attention to them."


One more user wrote, "Is this seriously happening in the Delhi metro?? Why create such a nuisance for the public? @OfficialDMRC where are the police in civil clothes??"



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