Six days for the big medical exam: Some tips to follow!

The NEET 2019 is an examination governed by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission into the medical and dental courses in colleges all over India

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for all medical courses will be held on May 5, 2019.

The NEET 2019 is an examination governed by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission into the medical and dental courses in colleges all over India. NEET is an offline and objective paper wherein students answer 180 MCQ’s in a stipulated time of 3 hours. The criteria of marking is as follows:

4 marks for every correct answer

A negative mark of minus 1 for every wrong answer

Each unattempt is evaluated as zero with no negative marking upon the same. 

These 180 questions inculcate 45 questions from all the core subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany.

Here, we would a comprehensive analysis how to brush your knowledge in the given time period and get the maximum output in marks. The prime thing to be understood is landing in a medical college is not easy. Perhaps it’s not a matter to get scared of but a harsh reality. As we aspire to become doctors and dentists the most important thing is to plan the day and work according to a schedule.

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·    Make a schedule. Most of the students’ just mug up notes instead of realizing that they have to plan how much task they have to do each day. Divide bigger tasks into smaller chunks of work initiating a break of about 5 minutes after every 45 minutes. In the crucial last hours do not look for new concepts but just the old material thoroughly providing time to each subject for almost 2 hours.

·    Solve mock and sample papers. It’s rightly said that do it over and over again till it becomes a part of you. This will make you have a clear idea of the weaknesses. This also helps to be disciplined with time that is complete the exam within 3 hours which most of the students are unable to because they really get that exam pressure. Solve at least last 5 year papers.


Here, we have a list of some of the most important topics based on their weightage in the previous year papers:





Ray Optics


Biological Classification

Current Electricity

Alcohols & Ethers

Principles of Inheritance & Variation


p-block Elements

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

1D Motion

Coordination Compounds

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Atomic Structure

Chemical Bonding

Animal Kingdom

Magnetic Effects of Current

s-block Elements

Morphology of Flowering Plants


Chemical Kinetics

Environmental Issues

Rotational Motion

General Organic Chemistry

Chemical Coordination & Integration

Waves and Sound

Alkanes, Alkenes & Alkynes

Cell- The Unit of Life

Wave Optics

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry


Throughout the week, most of your energy must be well utilized and the hard work done now can also bear fruit. Avoid all distractions strictly. Do not hope for questions to be repeated but remember that the concept never changes.  Eat healthy and stay calm and fresh. At times you may feel dull and demotivated but remember all are sailing in the same boat. Take a deep breath and stay positive. Make your environment comfortable with minimal disturbances so that you study with utmost focus and concentration. Do not study at the cost of your sleep and sleep for at least 8 hours.



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