The Spanish-thriller Sky High: The Series has been buzzing on Netflix ever since it was released on the streaming platform on March 17, 2023. To drive out your confusion, Netflix's Sky High: The Series is totally different than Disney's movie Sky High. Sky High: The Series is a crime thriller show created by Daniel Calparsoro and Jorge Guerricaechevarría. Daniel Calparsoro was a co-showrunner and director, while Guerricaechevarría was showrunner, writer, and executive producer. Borja Pena and Emma Lustres also signed on as executive producers of the series. Unlike the movie Sky High which focused on Angel's rise, Netflix's Sky High: The Series showcases the meteoric rise of Angel's widow Sole. Interestingly, the creators of the thriller show have displayed a message in the beginning saying Sky High:The Series is a true story or Sky High: The Series is a real story. As a result, fans are wondering whether the characters of Sky High: The series are real or not. Assuming you have landed on this page, you have already watched Sky High:The Series and have a same question as this write-up says. To know the answer continue reading-

Is Sky High: The Series True Story?

As per the makers, Sky High: The Series is based on real incidents, however, the characters and names of the people in the show are totally fictional. Now, for those who are wondering what exact real-life case it showcased, the answer is none. On digging, True Scoop News found that the makers stated that the starting point of the film was basically real since it was a “reflection of today’s society.” The high octane heist series draws from multiple news stories for inspiration, as well as from Spain’s socio-economic disparities that result in the type of bold, daring heists that we see throughout the series.

Who is Sole and why did she save Fernan?

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Coming back to the Sky Rise: The Series storyline, it entirely revolves around Sole, the widow of Angel. Sole is a newly widowed single woman named and is forced to figure out how to care for her son while juggling running many businesses after her husband dies. Determined not to join her stolen goods dealer father and his business, Sole decides to remain independent of him by becoming a crime boss and joining her late husband’s smash-and-grab robbery gang. Asia Ortega Leiva leads the cast as the protagonist, Sole.

Why Sole saves Fernan?

The character of Fernan is played by Álvaro Rico. Fernan was planted by the Police in order to infiltrate Rogelio's heist and illegal empire. Fernan takes the cover of Angel's partner who was in jail. He slowly increases his closeness with Sole so that he can ultimately help the police bust his Rogelio. However, in the episode (spoilers ahead) Lions' den, the Columbians tell Sole that Fernan is with the cops and the real Fernan was a Columbian who was Angel's friend but he died. As a result, Sole nods to the Columbians to kill Fernan. However, when she meets Fernan in the hotel, he himself tells her that she will be arrested as her lawyer Mercedes sold her out to the cops. At first, Sole did not believe him and says that he is only telling the truth just because Columbians are behind him. However, in the end, Sole saves Fernan from the Columbians and rescues him from getting killed due to the fact that she indeed fell in love with him.

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