Is Will Smith gay? Oscar-winning actor breaks silence on 'affair with Duane Martin'

Will Smith's gay rumors were sparked when the actor's former assistant in an interview revealed that he caught the actor with Duane Martin.

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Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Will Smith is not new to controversies. However, this time, Will Smith had to come out in the open and address the reports stating that he was sexually gay. Will Smith's gay rumors were sparked the actor's former assistant in an interview stated that he caught Will Smith having sex with a man. To be precise, Brother Bilaal, who described himself as Will Smith's ex-personal assistant made the shock claim in a viral interview. To be precise, Bilaal stated that he saw Will Smith getting intimate with fellow actor Duane Martin.


However, Will Smith's representative was quick to deny the claims. On Tuesday, Will Smith denied rumors of a gay relationship with actor Duane Martin. "This story is completely fabricated and the claim is unequivocally false," a Will Smith representative was quoted by a US media portal. 


Not only this, the report quoted a source close to Will Smith saying that he is mulling taking legal action following Bilaal's remarks.


What did Brother Bilaal say?


Speaking to social media personality Tasha K, Brother Bilaal said that he had once walked in on Smith having sex with Duane Martin, 58, an actor who appeared in an episode of Fresh Prince. Bilaal alleged that he had opened the door to Martin's dressing room and caught the pair.


It is worth mentioning that Martin, who was married to actress Tisha Campbell from 1996 to 2020, has not spoken out since the release of the Bilaal interview.


Talking about Will Smith, his relationship with Jada Perkins has gone sour.