When it comes to fashion, each region in India is very special. Chandigarh played host to its first ever Blenders Pride Fashion Nights with actress Sonam Bajwa walking the runway as show stopper. Previously names like Priyanka Chopra and Malaika Arora have been associated with the event. 

Bajwa states, "I feel very honored to be a part of this and doing it in my favorite city so I am going to cherish this and I thank everyone for this opportunity," said Bajwa. Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, is a one-of-a-kind travelling experiential property, celebrating each city's authentic spirit through fashion and style. A spirit that resonates with Pride and inspires today's creators to become icons of tomorrow. The 'Made of Punjabi Swag' edition featured an eclectic evening that blended fashion, culture, and music, celebrating the true Punjabi spirit of Chandigarh.

"I think Chandigarh is a perfect perfect example of a city or a place which is a perfect blend of modern and traditional. Sometimes when go to a mall here, I see women and men impeccably dressed in traditional clothes and are so confident in them. And on the other hand many choose Western styles like jeans and shirts and girls dressed in elegant dresses, they manage to merge two worlds in one," said the actress about fashion in her home town.

Bajwa was showstopper for designer Siddhartha Bansal who uses vibrant colours that mirror the region. Walking for Bansal, Bajwa states what she loved most about his designs was, "how he puts traditional with contemporary, and mixes it up, playing with vibrant colors together and traditional embroidery. 

Talking about his curation, designer Siddhartha Bansal said, "It is an honour to be associated with Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, a one-of-a-kind platform that celebrates and nurtures local talent across the country. I hope to take the audience on a journey through the vivacious and diverse craft and culture of India - in its once-coined 'Golden Bird' avatar through my collection. It gives me great joy in sharing my 'Made of Pride' story in the city that defines my work." 

For Bajwa talent has no boundaries and what she admires about the event is how they are putting the attention on Chandigarh which is often neglected by the fashion industry. "I congratulate Blender's Pride Fashion nights for doing something like this for the first time in Chandigarh, it's also my first time and the memory will be special to me."

The property encourages everyone, especially youth at large, to celebrate and take pride in their authentic and individual journeys through this unique Pride showcase encompassing diverse talent across creative fields. The evening celebrated people who take pride in their choices, are comfortable in their own skin, and, most importantly, embrace their authentic selves - truly living a 'Made of Pride' life. On her association with Blenders Pride Fashion Nights, actor Sonam Bajwa said, "Chandigarh has always been one of my favourite cities in the country - it's a beautiful m�lange of history and modern influences. Today, its vibrant culture and eclectic heritage are being showcased through Siddhartha Bansal's designs and I am thrilled to be walking the ramp for this celebration of the city at Blenders Pride Fashion Nights."
Source IANS

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