It will still be a long wait for Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 but we now have a glimpse at what will happen when the Netflix series returns in December. A new clip teases the Professor's disappearance and it looks like the team has a new dilemma to deal with.

It’s no more a game of tears and revenge. Going forward, it’s all about survival. Netflix on Saturday released an exclusive clip from the second installment of La Casa De Papel or Money Heist’s final season on the sidelines of its global fan event Tudum. Actor Alvaro Morte, who plays The Professor, unveiled the teaser, as he also thanked fans for their outpouring of love for the season’s first part.

The clip opens with Lisbon revealing to the team that the Professor has disappeared. The announcement is immediately met with confusion and obvious anger from the members. Denver is particularly irked demanding an explanation.


Lisbon tries her best to handle things, telling the team that they need to decide on what to do with the gold. It's not an easy task as everyone is ready to resort to violence.

The one-minute and 54-second footage show the characters bickering with each other about the mission while there are all having trust issues about each other.

They are discussing strategy on what they would do with the gold. Their frustration is clearly hinting that the absence of the Professor is made his entire gang unnerved.

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The first part of Money Heist Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix. The Part 2 episodes will be dropped on the streaming service on December 3, 2021. It’ll also bring curtains down on the Spanish crime drama, which has remained one of the biggest shows on the streaming platform and global success for the past few years.

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