Sridevi Death Case: CBI files chargesheet against Youtuber for forging documents from PM & more

CBI had registered an FIR against the Bhubaneshwar resident Youtuber and her lawyer Bharat Suresh Kamath

Sridevi, Deepti R Pinniti, Sridevi Death Controversy -

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a chargesheet against the popular Youtuber Deepti R. Pinniti, accused of making sensational claims regarding Bollywood Actress Sridevi’s death. According to CBI, the self-proclaimed investigator had forged fake documents from dignitaries including Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Modi himself. She had done so to support her outrageous claims regarding the death of the famous actress.


On the complaint of Mumbai based lawyer Chandni Shah, CBI had registered an FIR against the Bhubaneshwar resident Youtuber and her lawyer Bharat Suresh Kamath. The case was sent to CBI from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Shah alleged that Pinniti had forged several documents, including letters from the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister related to the Supreme court and UAE government. 


Pinniti was infamous for her sensational claims regarding the deaths of famous Bollywood personalities like Sridevi and Sushant Singh Rajput on social media. The actress Sridevi died in Dubai, UAE in an accidental drowning in her hotel suite according to reports. Her death was topic for major controversy which Pinniti had capitalized on to establish her image. In an interview regarding her death, the youtuber had made sensational claims based on her ‘investigation’ which included a ‘cover-up between the two governments’.


In response to a question from PTI, Pinniti said that she finds it difficult to believe that CBI had filed a chargesheet against her without recording her statement. She also claimed that when the letters in question make allegation against the authorities under which the CBI operates, then that leads to a conflict of interest.


It is also important to note that CBI had searched the Youtuber’s residence last year after registering a FIR. Her phones and laptops were confiscated. According to a report submitted by the CBI to a special court, the documents that she claimed were presented by the PM and the Defense Minister were forged. The agency has filed a charge sheet against the Youtuber and her lawyer under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.