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These mistakes after getting a 'Facial' done will damage your skin

Face wash should not be done for at least 3-4 hours after getting facials done. Due to this water and chemical reaction can spoil the skin.

All a woman needs after a tiring week is a rejuvenating facial session. We nullify the glowing effect of a facial by making these skincare mistakes after the session. Just like our regular skincare regime, there are some commandments that need to be followed after getting your facial done. 

Facials are the best option to remove dryness and dullness of the skin. This helps in cleansing the face with deep cleansing of dead skin cells and creating new skin. Blood circulation is better with skin pores opening. This cleanses all the dirt accumulated on the skin and makes skin fresh. But many times girls make some mistakes after facials, due to which they have to face skin problems instead of coming out. So let us tell you about some similar things that should be avoided immediately after facials…

Avoid facewash

Face wash should not be done for at least 3-4 hours after getting facials done. Due to this water and chemical reaction can spoil the skin. In addition, if you want to wash your mouth, then wash it with fresh water instead of using soap or facewash even after 3-4 hours of facials. After that dry the face lightly with the help of towels. 

Avoid going in the sun

Never make the mistake of going in the sun immediately after getting facials done. This increases the risk of getting rash along with increasing redness on the face. If your parlor is far away from home, then after covering the facials, go cover the face with a cloth.

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Avoid face waxing

Facials open the skin pores with a very soft skin. In this case, do not make the mistake of getting face waxing immediately after facials. This increases the risk of pimples, spots, rashes, etc. on the face. In this case, always get face waxing done after about 4-5 days of getting facials done.

Do not apply makeup immediately after facials

Often girls start doing makeup right after facials. But doing so damages the skin. So after facials the skin should be left to breathe. Also, the facial glow is also visible. Apart from this, sleeping for a while after beauty treatment is the best option. This helps the skin to get a good breath and fresh feel.

No facepack for 1 week

If you apply facepack only after 1-2 days of getting facials, then change this habit soon. This will reduce facial glow. The skin will look dull and dry instead of looking clean and glowing. The facial glow is visible after 1-2 days. So do not apply any facepack for 1 week after getting facials done.

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