First Story Positive: Ingenious ‘jugaad’ by Rajasthan man powering his village and more for almost no cost

Dungar Singh Sodha from Rajastan created an ingenious invention from which everyone, from the common man to the army can generate electricity cheaply

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Dungar Singh Sodha, a resident of a small village in Rajasthan, while searching for a solution to the electricity problem of his house, made such an amazing invention by which everyone, from the common man to army personnel can generate electricity instantly.


Searching for a solution to his problem, a 26-year-old young man made such an amazing invention that everyone from village farmers to army personnel can take advantage of today. We are talking about Dungar Singh Sodha of Rajasthan, who has made the country's cheapest portable windmill.


Due to its small size and low cost, anyone can generate electricity from this windmill, anywhere, anytime.


Actually, when Dungar Singh was young, there was frequent power outage in his village. Many times, due to storms, there was no electricity for several days. In the dire situation he would always think about what should be done so that no one ever faces any electricity problem.


Dungar Singh settled in Surat for studies and a job, but never forgot his childhood dream. He often kept thinking and reading about different methods of generating electricity. Although solar panels were one way, it had its own problems and costs. He wanted to create something that was cheap and easy.


Then he thought of making a windmill and he made one from ‘Jugaad’. After the success of the windmill made from his ingenuity, his confidence increased further and then he started a startup named Sunwind and started its production.


His ingenious invention is very useful for places like remote farms and farm houses. So, if you too are troubled by the huge electricity bills, then Dungar Singh's invention can make your life much easier.