First Story Positive: Noujisha’s brave journey from suffering domestic abuse to protecting as police officer

Noujisha felt helpless stuck in an abusive marriage, but her valiant decision to strive for better conditions caused her life’s trajectory to soar

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Noujisha, a 32-year-old resident of Kozhikode, Kerala, was not happy. She was stuck in an abusive marriage, and was beaten and harassed senselessly by her husband. Her situation was so dire, that the only way out that she could see was death. She decided to end her life by jumping into a well, but on her way, she stopped in her tracks, and decided to be a survivor instead of a victim. She fought her way out of the abusive marriage and rewrote her own destiny. She became a protector of others, she became a police officer... 


Noujisha has done a Master’s in Computer Applications (MCA). Prior to her marriage, she had worked as a guest lecturer. She got married in 2013 and her life took a turn for the worst. Naujeesha wanted to continue working even after marriage. Her husband was all promises before the marriage, agreeing to let her work, but he changed his mind after, and forced Noujisha to stay at home.


Noujisha agreed and became a stay-at-home wife. However, her husband's dark nature revealed itself. She was constantly beaten and abused in her marriage. Her family even offered to bring her back home but she remained shackled to the marriage out of fear of society. 


After enduring for 3 years, Noujisha’s spirit was beaten to within an inch of its life. The situation was so dire that she contemplated ending her own life by jumping into the well. But while walking to it, she stopped in her tracks, and made the decision to fight for herself.


After facing torture for nearly 3 years, she left the marriage in 2016 along with her 1 year old son. Her father, Abdullah, who runs a small store, and her mother welcomed her back with open arms.She found work as a lecturer once again after her divorce. She also kept preparing for her civil services exam. The person who helped Noujisha during this period was her sister, Nouf, a lab assistant at a higher secondary school.


She appeared in the Kerala Police Recruitment Examination and passed it with flying colors. She subsequently joined the civil police force. Today, she is an upstanding and diligent police officer in Kerala and bears the monumental responsibility of keeping her people safe. 


Due to her boundless passion, she serves as a great example and an inspiration for all the other women in the country.