#StudentsWantJobs – Know about the #1 trend on Twitter

The aim of education ought to be making an individual capable to supporting himself and his family, not just be a gullible customer of educational institutions, private tutors and related businesses.

Elections, ah, that time when the leaders (of whatever party they currently represent) come out and perform their dharma. The ruling attempts to woo the voters with their policies and the opposition with their attacks on any and every policy of the ruling party.

But in these choreographed and rehearsed routines, could there be genuine issues?

Well, that is something every rational person has to decide for himself, but one issue at the forefront on common people is employment.

Hashtag #StudentsWantJobs is trending number 1 on Twitter’s India specific page.

Let’s see what the twitterati are up to here.

The war cry is “Naukri do ya degree waapis lo” which translates into that either jobs be given or the education qualifications be taken back.

National Students' Union of India and Congress party are the two most active accounts participating in the trend.

Congress Party claims that, “From 68,880 vacancies in a year to just 2,106 vacancies, the SSC exams have seen a 97% decrease in recruitments!”

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Following is a selection of tweets which indicate the state of the Twitter-sphere right now:


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