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The increase of COVID 19 cases continues to be a source of worry for everybody. Several celebrities have been diagnosed with COVID 19 as state governments take severe efforts to halt the spread of the fatal illness. Another celebrity has now been added to the list. Sumona Chakravarti, a television actress, is the subject of our discussion. The actress announced the news on social media, stating that she is under home quarantine. Sumona further added that, in addition to taking the required measures, she encourages others in her immediate vicinity to be tested as well.

Sumona mentioned on her Instagram stories that she is now experiencing mild symptoms. "I have tested positive for covid with moderate symptoms," she stated. At home, quarantined. Anyone who has had contact with me in the previous week is urged to get themselves tested. "Thank you very much." It's worth noting that Sumona isn't the only TV star facing COVID 19. 

Nakuul Mehta has already tested positive for the virus. That's not everything. Jankee and their 11-month-old son Sufi were both diagnosed with COVID 19 and were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Jankee had written an expressive letter about it, writing, “Sufi started developing fever a day after I tested positive & it refused to come down in spite of water sponges & medication. We rushed him in the middle of the night to the hospital when his fever crossed 104.2 & what followed were very hard days in the Covid ICU with my baby boy. My fighter went through it all. Right from being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, to him getting pricked 3 IVS, a bunch of blood tests, RT PCR, bottles of saline, antibiotics & injections to get his body temperature down. Sometimes, I wonder how did this tiny human get so much strength to face all of it? His fever finally broke after 3 days”.

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