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Sunny Leone spoke up about her controversial interview with a television presenter in 2016, expressing her dissatisfaction with the others in the room who did not stand up and attempted to stop it. Sunny was noticeably embarrassed as the interviewer probed into her history as an adult performer.

Sunny told Bollywood Bubble that the event had an impact on her and that it took her a long time to 'snap out of it.' She felt 'bashed' on television by someone who came into the interview (and then departed) with predetermined views about her.

“This was on multi-levels of feeling hurt. The biggest question afterwards–there were rows and rows of chairs and people sitting in that room.”

She further said , “I turned and I asked, “Did I hurt you in any way?’ ‘Did you not think it was okay to come and stop this?'”  She said that she would not be getting up and leaving.“Imagine, you’ve worked with these people for several years and not one person thought it was not right to stop this. After this, I even said, ‘Did I do something?’ No one helped,” Sunny continued.
She went on to say that she had been asked the same things before, but that the way they were phrased wounded her more. Sunny got a lot of love and support from Bollywood celebs and fans following the interview, and she was complimented for keeping her cool. She did acknowledge, though, that she considered leaving at one point but decided to remain after being urged to 'sit down.'
Sunny Leone will begin filming for MTV Splitsvilla's next season shortly. She'll also be seen in Shero, which will be her first Kollywood film.

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