Sushant was suffering from Paranoia and Bipolar disorder claims Mumbai Police report

On the condition anonymity, Police has revealed that Sushant was admitted to Hinduja Hospital for a week

Fans of Sushant Singh Rajput are pleading for CBI Inquiry for Sushant Singh Rajput as they have lost their faith in the Mumbai in such high profile cases. Fans have doubt that Mumbai Police might do influenced investigation as there are many big names connected to it. Many people and celebrities have raised question on Mumbai Police that how did they come to the conclusion that Sushant died by Suicide on the first day when they found the actor dead at his residence. 

Now, a top police involved in the investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput has spoken up. On the condition anonymity, he has revealed that Sushant was admitted to Hinduja Hospital for a week. Giving insights into the investigation he informed that the Bandra Police have been investigating this case for about 4 weeks and have also questioned about 3 dozen people. 

Going by the words of this police official,  so far no evidence of any kind of professional conspiracy has been found by anyone in this case. This entire case is about suicide. We have almost reached the conclusion as to why Sushant died by suicide. This officer claims that Sushant was suffering from two dangerous states of depression Paranoia and Bipolar disorder. Before the lockdown, he was also admitted to the Hinduja Hospital for a week for the treatment of these disorders.

Sushant's Mother Was Also Suffering From Depression:

Investigations have also revealed that his mother was also suffering from depression and she was also undergoing long treatment. Sushant's mother died when he was 16 years old. Sushant has four sisters. But according to this official, since most of them got married and the father also lives in Bihar, Sushant felt very lonely despite all the engagements in Bollywood. This was revealed in the interrogation of some witnesses. The investigation has also revealed that Sushant did not face any kind of economic crisis.

Sushant Was Suffering From Paranoia Claims Police:

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According to this official, Sushant was going through paranoia. It takes time for a human being that everyone is hating him. Many times in solitude he also feels that someone is going to kill him too. In the condition of bipolar disorder, the mood of the sufferer alternately goes into opposite states. Sometimes he is suddenly under stress, sometimes his confidence increases. After this, he again becomes very quiet or lost. Many times in this disease, a person is unable to control his behavior even if he wants to.

However, such claims raise many questions. Was Sushant's family aware of the disorder he was going through? Any of his friends in Bollywood ever knew about his mental health? If yes then why didn't he or she helped Sushant or raised her voice? And the most famous question why not CBI Inquiry?

Only the final report by Bandra Police can unfold the mystery behind Sushant's death.

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