Swati Maliwal's verbal spat video with Baibhav Kumar leaked; AAP MP seen abusing Arvind Kejriwal's PA

In the leaked Swati Maliwal video, the AAP Rajya Sabha MP was heard abusing Arvind Kejriwal's PA Baibhav Kumar while he tried to evict her from Delhi CM's house.

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In a new twist in Swati Maliwal's assault case, a video was leaked on social media on Friday showcasing AAP Rajya Sabha MP verbally arguing with Baibhav Kumar. Swati Maliwal's video is now spreading like wildfire on social media. In the leaked Swati Maliwal video, the AAP Rajya Sabha MP was heard abusing Arvind Kejriwal's PA Baibhav Kumar. A person is filming Swati Maliwal & Baibhav Kumar's video. The video was taken in Arvind Kejriwal's drawing room when Swati Maliwal visited the Delhi Chief Minister's home to meet him after his release from Tihar Jail. Interestingly, Swati Maliwal's video has surfaced at a time when she finally lodged her formal complaint to the Delhi Police. 

In the viral Swati Maliwal video, Baibhav Kumar can be seen asking the AAP Rajya Sabha MP to get out of Arvind Kejriwal's house. In response, Swati can be heard saying that she will not gi anywhere and she has called the Police and she will not talk to them. Despite this, another security guard says that the Police can't enter the house. On this, Swati remained firm and said that if they want to evict her they have to do it physically. At last, Swati was heard abusing Baibhav Kumar and saying, 'Ganje mai teri naukri kha jaungi' (you bald, I will eat your job).

It is pertinent to mention here that the viral Swati Maliwal's video is not full and showcases the incident from the middle. 

Swati Maliwal's reaction 

Swati Maliwal has formally given a written complaint to Delhi Police. Following this, Swati took to her X handle and wrote, "(Translated version) What happened to me was very bad. I have given my statement to the police on the incident that happened to me. I hope that appropriate action will be taken. The last few days have been very difficult for me. I thank those who prayed for me. Those who tried to do character assassination, said that she was doing it on the instructions of the other party, may God keep them happy too. An important election is going on in the country, Swati Maliwal is not important, the issues of the country are important. There is a special request to BJP people to not do politics on this incident."

 In her FIR, Swati has alleged that Baibhav Kumar allegedly dragged Maliwal, and her shirt was pulled up as well as she screamed for help. Swati Maliwal's FIR also states that Bibhav Kumar allegedly screamed at her 'without any provocation' before slapping the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) lawmaker 7-8 times and kicking her in her chest, stomach, and pelvis. 

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