Swiggy Supr Daily Service: Online food delivery company Swiggy has stopped the Super Daily service started for the convenience of customers. Instead of this service being shut down in five big cities including Delhi-NCR, now the company has started Insta Mart.

Swiggy Launches Insta Mart

According to the information given by Swiggy, Super Daily service has been stopped in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad. Now goods will not be delivered to customers under Super Daily Service from May 12 in these cities. It is being told that the company has started Insta Mart in its place.

Stop Taking Orders From 10th May

Swiggy has stopped taking new orders under Super Daily Service from May 10 itself. Old orders will be delivered by Swiggy on May 11 and 12. If there is money left in the wallet of a customer, then it will be refunded to the account in 5-7 working days. This has been mailed to the customers on behalf of the company. This service of the company will continue in Bangalore. Trying to expand it here.

What is Super Daily Service

Under Swiggy's Super Daily Service, home delivery of daily essentials is done apart from milk and groceries. Under this, customers have to take a subscription to get the facility. After registration in the Swiggy mobile application, the customer can add the daily goods to the cart. Every morning this item reaches your home.

The company used to provide service till 11 PM
Super Daily delivers milk, daily essentials and grocery items sitting at home from 7 am to 11 pm. The company was founded in 2015 by IIT Bombay graduates Shreyas Nagdawane and Puneet Kumar. Later in September 2018, Swiggy took over this company under an all-cash deal. 
Swiggy was looking to do business in the e-grocery subscription space. Not only this, Swiggy had taken over it intending to strengthen its hold in this market. Super Daily has since expanded its services to over 500,000 customers while delivering 200,000 daily orders across six cities.

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