T-shirt styles essential for a summer wardrobe

These are those very few things that can be called as wardrobe essentials

One thing from menswear that can be termed as a fashion staple is t-shirts. There are very few things that can be called as wardrobe essentials and T-shirts are definitely one of them.

Be it a part of a layered combo worn on their own, they are a piece of clothing that one can dress confidently for most of the affairs. With an extensive range from colors to patterns, prints to cuts there are plenty of fabrics and variants tons of choices to explore and experiment with.

Here are some styles of t-shirts to make you look Tee-refic.

1. The Classic Solids
The sober yet the most versatile of all the t-shirts are solid tees. They may be neglected as basic or plain due to the absence of print or design, but they can surely add up the spice to the wardrobe. Smart pairing and layering can bring the best out of you.

Pair them with a blazer for a party, with casual jeans for a regular day, smart trousers for a family brunch or a day out they work seamlessly in any type of look. Brownie points! If you are open to new colors, experiment with new hues you can create a limitless eye-catching combination.

2. Prints that leave an imprint!
Fashion is all about exploring choices and expressing yourself. Who offers a better chance to express yourself than prints? It’s obviously the prints. They can add a breeze of freshness to the wardrobe.

The minimal prints can bring a fun element to any outfit without making anything look overboard. Pair them up with chinos or denim and compliment the look with white sneakers.

The look is perfect and you are good to go. Pick Brownie points if you are on a vacation, pair the prints with chino or linen shorts and shades for a breezy look.

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3. Graphics to add quirk.
What catches eyes the most? Graphics! If you are the bold type and eager to make a fashion statement then graphics are for you. 

There are thousands of graphics with catchy and quirky slogans, paintings, stylized drawings that are always in go to list. They instantly catch eyeballs and pour energy to the look. Style Brownie points with casual sneakers and ripped jeans to stand apart.

 4. The chic collars
If you're hunting style that you can wear to work, and then head to a party afterwards, then it's time to stock up your wardrobe with some polo t-shirts. They add up certain sophistication to your look.

Team them up with trousers and a blazer for your office, and ditch the blazer when you head off to enjoy.

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