‘Taaza Khabar’ Takes Center Stage in 2023’s Most Searched Series

The digital landscape unfolded various hits, with ‘Wednesday’ securing the second position and the popular ‘Asur’ claiming the third spot.

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‘Taaza Khabar,’ starring Bhuvan Bham in the central role, has clinched the top spot in the 2023 most-searched series list. The digital landscape unfolded various hits, with ‘Wednesday’ securing the second position and the popular ‘Asur’ claiming the third spot.

  1. Taaza Khabar: Enthralling series, ‘Taaza Khabar,’ has dominated the search charts, securing the prestigious number one position.  The show follows a sanitation worker, portrayed by Bhuvan Bam, who stumbles upon magical powers which lead to a riveting new life for the man, and it stirs his humble life.
  2. Wednesday: Another noteworthy series, ‘Wednesday’ has successfully claimed the second spot in the most-searched series list, captivating the audience. It chronicles the adventures of Wednesday Addams, the elder child of the reknowned fictional family.
  3. Asur: The renowned series ‘Asur’ has resonated with audiences, earning a well-deserved third position in the digital search arena. It follows 2 FBI agents, Arshud  Warsi and Barun Sobti following a trail of a serial killer who surfaces after a long time with vengeful intent.
  4. Rana Naidu: ‘Rana Naidu’ has left its mark, securing the fourth spot in the searches, a testament to its popularity and intrigue. It follows the story of the titular character portrayed by Vekatesh Daggubati and caused great controversy due to large amounts of cursing and graphic scenes.
  5. The Last of Us: The captivating series, ‘The Last of Us’, which was based on a popular video game of the same name, has charmed its way to the fifth spot, captivating viewers with its compelling narrative. The video game it is based on was widely regarded as the best narrative driven video game of the generation. It stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie who journey to apocalypse ridden America. 
  6. Scam 2003: The unfolding of true events of the 2003 Telgi Scam, ‘Scam 2003’ has propelled itself into the sixth position, making it one of the most-searched series of the year.
  7. Big Boss 17: Reality TV enthusiasts have propelled ‘Big Boss 17’ to the seventh position, emphasizing the enduring appeal of this reality show. 
  8. Guns and Gulabs: An intriguing storyline places ‘Guns and Gulabs’ at the eighth search spot, solidifying its place in the digital conversations. Dulquer Salmaan and Rajkummar Rao star alongside Adash Gourav in this gangster comedy.
  9. Sex/Life: The series ‘Sex/Life’ delves into relationships, securing the ninth position in the most-searched list, resonating with those exploring the complexities of human connections.

This year’s digital landscape is marked by the diverse appeal of these series, each capturing the attention of audiences in its unique way. ‘Taza Khabar’ emerges as the headline-maker, setting the stage for an engaging year in the world of digital entertainment. It is currently available to watch on Hotstar.