On 20th of December 2016 was born the now internet sensation and the most loved star kid, Taimur Ali Khan. Taimur is currently in Cape Town, South Africa. The Bollywood couple is there for an add shoot. As per reports, Taimur birthday will be celebrated with horse rides and big cats.

The immeasurable interest in Taimur has resulted in his emergence as one of the top searches of this year. Paparazzi obsession with the little boy knows no bound. Infact Taimur has grown up to very friendly with his paparazzi friends!

Paparazzis have always followed him everywhere, be it his play dates or various festive celebrations, family holidays or trips to his grandmother home. They have always captured his adorable moves and moods.

Even his ‘massi’,Bollywood actor Karishma Kapoor posted something really cute, wishing him a very happy birthday. The post said:"Happy 2nd birthday to our little jaan. We love you the most". She posted a pic of Taimur sandwiched between both her kids. 

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