Taiwan Earthquake Video: Passengers inside Taipei Metro scream in fear as 7.4 mag quake shakes running train

Taiwan was hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday morning which is said to be the strongest in the last 25 years.

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In a horrific development, Taiwan on Wednesday by a powerful earthquake sparking chaos in the entire country. Taiwan was hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake which is said to be the strongest in the last 25 years.  However, another report suggests that Taiwan earthquake's magnitude was 7.4 and it struck the country just before 8:00 am local time (0000 GMT), with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) putting the epicentre 18 kilometres (11 miles) south of Taiwan's Hualien City, at a depth of 34.8 kilometres. Now, multiple Taiwan Earthquake videos are going viral on social media. The entire world is in utter shock by the visuals of the Taiwan Earthquake. 


One of the videos showcases how passengers traveling inside a metro reacted when the Taiwan earthquake took place. In the viral Taipei Metro earthquake video, passengers can be heard screaming in fear. Not only this, the frightened passengers can be seen trying to hold anything they can while Taipei Metro horrifically shakes on a flyover. 


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As per reports, at least four people were killed and nearly 60 were injured in Taiwan due to the earthquake. The powerful quake damaged dozens of buildings and prompted tsunami warnings that extended to Japan and the Philippines before being lifted.

"The earthquake is close to land and it's shallow. It's felt all over Taiwan and offshore islands," said Wu Chien-fu, director of Taipei's Central Weather Administration's Seismology Center, as quoted by the local media. As of now, rescue workers are battling to save people trapped in collapsed buildings. 

Apart from multiple clips, images show buildings slumped to one side and debris strewn across roads in the eastern coastal city of Hualien, close to the epicentre of the quake. Three hikers were killed in a landslide in Taroko National Park near the offshore epicentre.


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