New Delhi, Jan 20 (IANSlife) The residents' personalities are a home's greatest asset. Experiences from the environment in which one lives shape their opinions, which manifest in their design choices. Homeowners curate their surroundings by collecting mementos from their travels and adventures. Every souvenir serves as a reminder of cultural influences and adds flavour to the overall vibe of the home.

Anupriya Sahu, Founder and Design Head, Alankaram, M.P. says, "A motley of furniture sometimes works best even when the individual pieces do not match perfectly. When tastefully clubbed together, an eclectic mix paints a beautiful and cohesive visual. A look that embodies the personality of its residents is likely to keep them happy as each piece is hand-picked. To style a mix of proportions and cultural styles, the largest piece of furniture usually forms the anchor and main focal point whereas the smaller pieces are styled around the dominant element that complements their tones, colours and textures".

"Ergonomics and aesthetics are primary factors to consider when introducing a piece of furniture into an existing setup. Furniture should bring joy and relief, apart from comfort, as each element contributes to one's mood every time you enter that space. In addition, the piece must be easy to maintain and repair, especially when purchased outside the country. Maintenance must not be overlooked, as good furniture needs periodical polishing and occasional re-upholstery or hardware replacement to restore its original charm or functionality", added Sahu.

It is advised to take a 360-degree approach to design, in which the floors, walls, and ceiling all play a role in beautifying spaces. From a broader perspective, we see the need to experiment with shapes and sightlines in order to create a layered aesthetic.

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Source : IANS

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