Tarpaulin sale of 107 Crores raises suspicion; Punjab CM calls for an enquiry

The Market Committee was sold tarpaulin for 107 crores, following which tenders have been stopped; food and civil services officer Gurkirat Kirpal Singh will lead an investigation

Tarpaulin sale of 107 Crores raises suspicion; Punjab CM calls for an enquiry | tarpaulin,sale,107- True Scoop

The purchase of tarpaulin worth INR 107 crore for the Market committee in Punjab has become embroiled in controversy. As soon as it was discovered that the tarpaulin was being purchased at an expensive amount, its tenders were stopped. Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann had received a complaint regarding the matter. He ordered an enquiry to be conducted by the Punjab Food and Civil Services senior officer Gurkirat Kirpal Singh. If the allegations are proved to be true then the tenders will be canceled.

According to reports, the tarpaulin being bought by the Market Committee was being sold at almost twice the normal rate. Noticing the discrepancies, a complaint was made to the Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann. He has therefore called for an investigation into the tarpaulin rates.

CM calls for an investigation:

Sources reveal that the CM has asked for an investigation into the tarpaulin rates, i.e. at what rate it was being sold earlier and at what rate it is being sold to the government. He asked  for a reasoning behind this increase in rates. He has claimed that if the allegations prove true, multiple officials may share the  blame.

Why government buys the tarpaulin:

The Market Committee looks after the markets in Punjab. It is also responsible for the maintenance of the crops and grain sold in the state. Tarpaulin sheets are used in rainy season for covering and protecting the crops. This is why the government purchases the tarpaulin and filed a complaint after witnessing a suspicious raise in prices.