Tata Elxsi Share Price: Shares of Tata Group are always liked by the investors. Investors always have faith in the shares of Tata Group and get advice on buying these shares. 

Investors also include Tata Group shares in their portfolio and wait for the brokerage's report.

Recently, Tata Elxsi, the strong share of Tata Group, has touched a 52-week high, after which once the investors' eyes are stuck on this stock. 

Not only this, this stock has not only touched a 52-week high on Friday and Monday but has also given returns of more than 200 per cent in the last year. If you also want to include the stock in your portfolio, then you can buy this powerful stock. 

Tata Elxsi hits 52 weeks high

This strong share of Tata Group is trading at the level of 8,935.20 at 1.25 minutes, but in today's session, this share also touched the level of 9,078.00. 

However, this stock showed a correction after touching a 52-week high level. This stock is seeing a return of about 6 per cent during today's trading session. 

232% return in last 1 year

Tata Alexi Limited has given returns of up to 232 per cent to investors in the last year so far. 

This stock was trading at the level of Rs 2693 on March 31, 2021, which has now climbed up to the level of 8,950.70 on March 25. 

Expert Vikas Sethi gave this opinion to investors

Market expert Vikas Sethi has given a hold (HOLD) advice on Tata Alexi. The stock is performing well, but the stock is looking a bit expensive in the current market. 

However, the focus should be on the stock for the long term. If you have these stocks in your portfolio, then you can go for holding. On the other hand, invest only if you want to invest money for the long term.

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