'Terrified' Bengaluru woman films three men on scooty chasing her & punching on car's window; Video Viral

In the Bengaluru woman car chase video, Priyam Singh can be heard dialing a government helpline as the three men on a scooter follow her vehicle.

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In a bizarre development, a woman was recently chased by three men on two-wheelers who was driving her car in Bengaluru. Terrified by it, the woman filmed the men harassing her on the roads of Bengaluru by chasing her and even punching the car's window. A user shared the Bengaluru woman's video on X and demanded the Police to take strict action against the rowdy elements. In the Bengaluru woman car chase video, she can be heard dialing a government helpline as the three men on a scooter follow her vehicle. As per reports, the incident allegedly took place on Madiwala-Koramangala road on Saturday.


In the video, the woman can be heard saying that her name is Priyam Singh. Priyam further says, "They are following us, they are punching the vehicle." The men on the scooter are seen making angry gestures at the car's occupants. The men then overtake the car and appear to be blocking its route. The car takes a quick turn and the chase begins again. Priyam was then heard saying, "He is abusing us. He is opening the door."


Notably, after the video went viral on social media, the Bengaluru Police took a swift action and arrested the three men. South East Police DCP CK Baba was quoted saying that an FIR had been registered. Baba said, "Thank you for bringing this incident to our attention. We take road safety and incidents of road rage very seriously. This is to inform that immediate action was taken immediately and an FIR has been registered. The accused have been apprehended...It's imperative for citizens to report such incidents promptly to the police through 112 for swift response and necessary action. Additionally, let's all commit to obeying road traffic rules to ensure the safety of everyone on the road#calmdownonroads."


Notably, it is yet to be revealed why the three started to chase and harass the woman in Bengaluru. 


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