On Saturday, Kaitlyn Bristowe posted a series of stories where she talked about how being separated from her family has made her feel lonely. She mentioned how her fiancé Jason Tartick left home and she felt left behind, as all of her family is in Canada. 

“I have been so emotional the last few days, It’s so hard sometimes being away” she said. She also mentioned how she had not been home since the last two years, she broke down while mentioning that she was FaceTiming her dad and felt so lonely that she had to take a moment and calm herself down. 

She talked about how Jason was home and having family time which she was  missing out on. “ I need a show to cheer me up- a movie, a series, something, I’ve already watched ‘Ted Lasso,’ so anything that cheers people up, because I’m just missing so many people and dogs right now” she added. 

She later mentioned how she regrets putting on her story asking people to suggest her shows to watch. This was because she would now have to check her DMs where people would bully her and write mean things which further made the situation worse. 

“I mean , I shouldn’t have even asked for movie recommendations because then that forces me to go into my DMs, and then I see things like people saying ‘have some dignity,’ ‘pull it together’, ‘stop crying,’ ‘privileged problems lol.’ I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot. That’s what I got in my DMs.”

In contrast to these stories she seemed pretty upbeat on Sunday where she posted a happy picture on social media. Her happy pictured was captioned “ In bed feeling depressed one day, up and feeling like a million bucks the next.

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Hell of a mind f*** if you ask me. Just goes to show you never know what tomorrow will bring. Anyone else? Or just me…. haha. Gemini Vibez.” she further added.

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