The Date ,History and The Sentiments Of Father’s Day

Across the world this day is celebrated by almost all the citizens of the country in different ways but there is one thing that remains the same across the world is the emotions and love behind celebrating this day and the unbreakable bond of our father with us. 
Our Father is a very important part of our family and of our lives as well. This special day is celebrated on the Third Sunday of June every year. This special day we show our love and share our feelings. Along with this we give wishes and gifts to our Father for making him feel special .

Our parents are the one who add a special value to our lives by nurturing us with all the love and by fulfilling all the needs we have. Father acts like a pillar to our family and specifically to our lives as he acts like a mentor, guide, friend and a supporter.

The Date

There is no specific date of Father’s Day that the world follows. This day is celebrated on different days in different countries of the world . In most of the countries including India it is celebrated on the Third Sunday of June. In some countries like Spain and Portugal it is celebrated on 8 August. In Thailand it is observed on 5 December, as it’s the birthday of former King Bhumibol Adulyadej. 

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History Of Father’s Day

On July 5, 1908 the First Father’s Day celebration was observed in Fairmont, West Virginia, U.S. after an worst mining accident that took place in U.S. history. Hundreds of men died in this accident. 
After this incident Grace Golden Clayton, daughter of a dedicated minister of the U.S. put forward a proposal of celebrating Father’s Day for giving honour to all the fathers and especially to those who died in the incident. But it didn’t become an annual event and wasn’t promoted . 
Later Sonora Smart Dodd lived in Spokane, Washington decided to convince the Spokane Ministerial Association and YMCA to celebrate Father’s Day and proposed 5 june as the date to celebrate as it was the birthdate of her father.  She succeeded in convincing the ministers and hence the ministers gave the Third Sunday of June to be declared as Father’s Day.
Later on this day was promoted and introduced among all the countries of the world and today it is celebrated in most countries in the world as a tribute to father’s contribution to our lives. 


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