The Diplomat: Will Netflix renew the political drama for Season 2?

Fans of "The Diplomat" are eagerly waiting for news on whether Netflix will renew the political drama for a second season, following its explosive Season 1 finale.

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Fans of the new political drama, The Diplomat, are eagerly waiting for news on whether there will be a Season 2 on Netflix. The series, created by Debora Cahn and starring Keri Russell as newly-appointed U.S. diplomat Kate Wyler, ended Season 1 with several cliffhangers.

As of April 21, there are no official updates from Netflix on the renewal status of the show. However, given the positive critical response and the star power of Russell and co-star Rufus Sewell, it's possible that the show may return for a second season.

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If a Season 2 is greenlit, it will likely explore the aftermath of the revelation that Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge was responsible for the attack on Britain all along. The fates of several characters, including Hal, Hayford, and Ronnie, who were caught in a car bomb explosion, will also be explored. Additionally, fans can expect to see more of the love triangle between Kate, Hal, and British foreign secretary Austin Dennison.

Fans will have to wait for official word from Netflix on the future of The Diplomat, but for now, all eight episodes of Season 1 are available for streaming.