Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali who is currently residing in Punjab, India got involved in an ugly verbal spat with toll-plaza workers. Dalip Singh Rana, 'the Great Khali' viral video was shared on Twitter by a TV journalist suggesting that the Wrestler got involved in an ugly argument with the workers of a toll plaza. 

In the undated video, The Great Khali can be seen sitting inside his SUV while the angry toll workers were screaming angrily at the WWE Hall of Famer. The Great Khali toll plaza viral video shows the people angrily asking the wrestler why he slapped the toll worker when he asked for his identity card. However, The Great Khali can be seen asking the people surrounding his SUV to stop blackmailing him. When the people kept on asking for the wrestler's ID, The Great Khali says he does not have it and asked them to open the gate so that his car can pass through the toll plaza. 

However, the toll workers refused to move aside the gate, and as a result, the Great Khali comes out of his vehicle and tells the cop that he is being blackmailed by them. Then, the wrestler himself removes the gate. When the worker tries to hold the gate, the Great Khali pulls the worker, and then his SUV crosses the gate. 

It is pertinent to mention here that the video was shared on social media and True Scoop does not authenticate the video of where the incident exactly took place. 

Watch The Great Khali toll worker fight viral video

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