The Idol Season 1 Finale: Why is The Weeknd & Lily-Rose Depp starrer series ending one episode early?

HBO mini series 'The Idol' to not have another season? Read to know what critics and fans had to say about the series ending early.

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HBO mini series 'The Idol' starring Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd has received mixed reviews from fans and critics since its launch and might derail from the original plan.

Now, HBO has confirmed that the new TV mini series 'The Idol' will be ending early. While some fans are upset about the news, on the other hand, some had a lot to say.

The controversial series follows aspiring pop star Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) and her complex relationship with Tedros (Abel Tesfaye), who is a self-help guru and leader of a modern-day cult.

It was originally reported that the series would have six episodes, but it has now been announced that it will be just five episodes long.

The Standard’s reviewer, Jo-Ann Titmarsh, called the depiction of women “extremely troubling” with Lily-Rose Depp spending “most of her time semi-naked or performing sex acts. She has no real agency”.

A fan said on Twitter: “The idol is neither pornographic nor subversive, it's just bad, sometimes things are just poorly made and should be criticised for being so.”

Even before the series was released, there were already whispers about it being cancelled, but HBO has since pushed back. On June 15, they said it had been “misreported” that a second series was or was not in the works.

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The controversial series follows aspiring pop star Depp, as she falls under the spell of a club promoter played by The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), a self-help guru and leader of a modern-day cult.

One US media portal reported that the show’s finale, titled 'Jocelyn Forever' is set to air on Sunday, July 2. However, HBO declined to comment on why, but a source in the known development was quoted saying, “The season ended up being five episodes when it was all said and done after Sam [Levinson] took over and made significant changes. The story only ended up requiring 5.”

Another report suggested that the series being cut short and quoted an inside source who said: “This was never meant to be a long-running show, it was always… a limited series.” Earlier this month, HBO tweeted the denial stating, “It is being misreported that a decision on a second season of The Idol has been determined. It has not, and we look forward to sharing the next episode with you Sunday night.”

Talking about The Idol Season, HBO clarified whether the series has been renewed or not on Twitter-