There could be seen the huge spread of Covid all over India and simultaneously the widespread of awareness regarding the same. We can see the terror has been gone. The best example happened recently from Surat where people in Surat witnessed a large ceremony with a freshly married couple, a male calf, and a female. However, the joy of 10,000 people was short-lived after news of Surat local Jayanti Malani's detention.

A big number of guests in Surat blessed a newly married pair, a male calf, and a female. After the marriage was solemnized at a gorgeously furnished mandap, the guests were spotted playing drums. Surat native Jayanti Malani was detained after the video went viral. Jayanti was arrested for violating Covid-19 requirements for planning a calves' wedding. Four cops were also transferred as a result of their failure to stop the incident. The organizers had apparently sent out invitation cards days before the event. The temple's site was outfitted with a massive mandap. Surat's metropolis and rural areas had gathered about 10,000 people.

It's one of the ways to demonstrate how uninformed individuals are while also emphasizing how they should be regarded and not taken lightly.

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