The Olive Cafe & Bar is a place where wonderful cuisine, laughter, culture, and discussions come together in a delightful melting pot. It has a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere.

Chef Jyotika Malik's gourmet cafe menu, along with freshly made coffee, hand-crafted cocktails, bespoke beverages, and a sizable wine selection, are some of its regular features.

The restaurant offers Med-meets-European-and-world menu, signature Teq-tonics (move over G&Ts), Sorbet Gin-Tos, and more. The distinctive whites and blues of Olive are all present and correct, lulling one into the delusion that they are near the Mediterranean Sea. Olive is a warm, inviting space that instantly puts one at rest thanks to the natural light that comes in during the day and the romantic candlelight atmosphere at night; the warmth of the soft armchairs, the white gravel courtyard, lush foliage, and bougainvillaea blooms. Vivek Popli, the architect, and Design Direct Sabina Singh add small coastal touches at each stage.

Says AD Singh, Founder & MD of The Olive Group of restaurants, "Olive is a way of life and an experience where we bring together good food, delicious & fresh cocktails, warmth, fun and hospitality as it should be. Now, we are really looking forward to bringing the trademark Olive experience to the sophisticated diners of Chandigarh. We are absolutely delighted to partner with Vishal Anand and Sampat Singh and thankful for their support."

"Olive is one of the most iconic restaurants India has seen. It has been on top of the charts for the last 20 years. Most importantly, it is a brand we grew up with and was always on our calendar during our visit to Delhi, Mumbai and more recently Goa. Hence, this partnership was only waiting to happen. We believe Chandigarh has an amazing audience for gourmet food and Olive will add to its flavours. What Chandigarh deserves is a quality restaurant with a vibe that does justice to its greens, taste buds and culture," say Vishal Anand & Sampat Singh.

The indoor space is uncluttered with sheer white drapes on the arched windows. A lovely hand-finished terracotta tile covered patio held up by wrought iron carved columns showcases a true Corinthian aesthetic. Gilt edged mirrors, porcelain chandeliers, pastel prints and classic furniture are styled together to dress the area up. Candle lit at night, Olive's a romantic spot of dreams

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