The Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology (TNSDA) which has commenced the second phase of excavation at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, is expected to unearth the palace of Rajendra Chola, the great Chola king.

The second phase of the excavation at Gangaikonda Cholapuram was inaugurated virtually on Friday by Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K. Stalin.

According to historians and archaeologists, Gangaikonda Cholapuram was established by King Rajendra Chola who was the greatest of the Chola kings. He had established Gangaikonda Cholapuram as the capital of Chola empire after his victorious expedition in the Gangetic plains.

Archaeological excavations at Gangaikonda Cholpauram and Malaigaimedu carried out in the first phase unearthed remnants of Chola palaces that included pottery, roof tiles, ornate stones, bracelets, iron nails, bells, ivory carvings, and coins.

During the first phase of excavation conducted by the Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology (TNSDA) till September 2021, a two-story wall and drain-like structure were also discovered.

The TNDSA site officials are of the opinion that during the second phase of excavation, they are expected to discover the architecture of the city and palace at Gangaikanda Cholapuram, the capital of Rajendra Chola.

The archaeologists said they are expecting to hit upon major objects and remnants of the Chola period throwing light on the civilization as well as trade and commerce carried out by the Chola rulers in the bygone era.

Source : IANS

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