The schools in Tamil Nadu from classes 1 to 12 reopened on Tuesday after being shut following the third wave of the Covid-19 infection. The state Health department has, however, issued stringent Covid protocols to be implemented in schools.

The Public Health department in a circular on Monday said that all teachers and non-teaching staff in schools must take two vaccine doses. The eligible students must also ensure that they have taken at least one dose of the Covid vaccine.

Schools and colleges are directed to adhere to Covid-19 appropriate behaviour such as wearing of masks, ensuring social distancing, washing of hands with soap water as well as sanitisation of hands regularly.

The state Health department has urged the school management to daily disinfect the campuses twice a day. Students and staff members must be screened before they enter the campus and if anyone is showing signs of fever and cold, they should be made to undergo an RT-PCR test.

Those who are undergoing the RT-PCR test must be kept in quarantine till the test results are out and if found positive must be isolated and ensure Covid protocol is followed, the Health department said.

The Health department has directed teachers and students staying in containment zones not to attend school until the Covid situation improves. Employees at higher risk, including pregnant women and older employees with comorbidities, must take extra caution while coming to schools.

Tamil Nadu Health Minister, Ma Subramanian told IANS, "The Tamil Nadu Health department has recommended the government to give the go-ahead to reopen schools as the Covid-19 cases are dipping to ensure that proper Covid protocols are followed in schools."

However, several parents are reluctant to send their children to school.

Haritha Kumari, a bank employee at Adyar, told IANS, "I have decided that my daughter will not attend classes. While school management and health department will say several things, practically we know that these won't be adhered to. Children will not wear masks and may even exchange one. My daughter is a primary class student and the school need not have opened classes at least for children from classes 1 to 5. If the government allows online classes it's well and good, otherwise also I won't send my child. She is more important than her studies."

Source : IANS

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