Canada is one of the most desirable countries in the world to work and study. Having a relatively easier visa policy, Canada has a greater charm for the migrants to work in. People do make money but finding a more relevant field to work can be a game changer in terms of the amount of salary. Here are the highest paying top 5 most sought after jobs if you work in Canada:

Accounts Manager
Account management is and will be one of the highest paying jobs for the years to come. It is a very vital profile for the success of a business as an Accounts Manager not only brings more and more clients to the company but also maintains their loyalty to the company.

Aerospace Engineer
With the aged aircrafts, Canadian Aerospace Industry is looking for aerospace engineers to develop better and modern aerospace systems leading the industry globally. The regions like Alberta and Quebec are of a high potential for aerospace engineers.

Sales Representative
Working as a Sales Representative is the most in-demand job in Canada right now. The incentive based job can earn you huge commissions besides the base salary. In other words, the harder you work, the more your earnings.

Business Management Consultant
A Business Management Consultant is very crucial for a business as they make a business more profitable and productive by giving professional advice. The ones having a strong and relevant educational credentials may consider this high paying job in Canada.

Engineering Project Manager
With the government providing large funds for infrastructural develpoment, the real estate sector of Canada is on boom. This projects a great career scope for engineering project managers who can make an average income of $125,000 per annum in Canada.

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