Tourist lynched & burnt alive by Pakistani mob in Swat over blasphemy; Chilling Video sparks row

The angry mob on Thursday lynched a tourist who was in Police custody for allegedly desecrating the Quran in Pakistan's Swat.

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In a shocking development, a tourist in Pakistan's Swat was lynched and burnt alive by a mob outside a police station over alleged blasphemy. The angry mob on Thursday lynched a tourist who was in Police custody for allegedly desecrating the Quran. The tourist was lodged inside a police station in northwest Pakistan’s Swat. Swat is a tourist place in Pakistan. The angry not only burnt the tourist alive but also set Police station and vehicle on fire. 

As per Pakistani media reports, some individuals announced in a market that a man had committed blasphemy, leading others to apprehend him and hand over him to the police. However, shortly afterwards, announcements were also made from mosques in Madyan, a known tourist destination in Swat, mobilising the people towards the police station in anger.

After the announcement from the mosque, the mob asked police to hand over the suspect to them. However, on their refusal, the mob forced their way into the police station. As a result, the Police officials fled from the spot and then the man was captured by a large group of people. 

The tourist's identity is yet to be ascertained. However, Pakistani media reports suggest that he did not belong to Swat and was staying in a hotel. The deceased was a tourist hailing from Sialkot. Notably, the Swat video is going viral on social media, and the chilling video showcases how the mob mercilessly burnt the tourist alive just based on a suspicion. 

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CM, Ali Amin Gandapur, has sought a report from the provincial police chief on the desecration incident. He instructed the Inspector General of Police to take emergency measures to stabilize the area. 

Due to sensitive graphics, True Scoop News has decided not to include the video in the content. 

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