Train Cancelled: THESE trains going to and from Punjab to remain cancelled till May 10, read the list

Due to farmers' protest 2.0, several train routes have been diverted causing hour-long delays. More than a dozen trains have been cancelled

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Train travel is going to be a challenge as routes of more than 100 trains have been diverted causing them to run late than their scheduled time. Not only this, several trains have been cancelled until May 10. This is due to Farmers’ protest 2.0 which kickstarted in February again in 2024.


Trains like 12029 Superfast Shatabdi and 12203 Garib Rath reached the city railway station with a delay of 5 hours. Due to impact of the protests on tracks, trains are being cancelled by the Railways due to which passengers have to look for other options to reach their destination. 2 dozen trains related to Jalandhar City and Cantt station have been canceled for 2-3 days.


List of trains cancelled till May 10:


  • 14033-14034 (Old Delhi-Katra),
  • 12441-12442 (Chandigarh-Amritsar),
  • 12497-12498 (New Delhi Shan-e-Punjab),
  • 22429-22430 (Delhi -Pathankot),
  • 12459-12460 (New Delhi-Amritsar),
  • 12053-12054 (Haridwar-Amritsar),
  • 12411-12412 (Chandigarh-Amritsar)
  • 14681-14682 (Delhi-Jalandhar City)


As per reports from the commuters, the trains which are arriving late by 2 hours, get delayed by 3 hours by the time they reach Jalandhar.


Several trains delayed due to route diversion

Due to the farmers' protest, the Indian Railways department is facing many problems in the operation of trains coming from Ambala. Due to the track being occupied, trains routes have been diverted, causing the commuters to bear the brunt. More than 100 train routes have been diverted which include train numbers 12013 (New Delhi-Amritsar), 18103 (Tata-Amritsar), 13006 (Howrah-Amritsar).