THESE trains in Punjab are cancelled due to Farmers' Protest; see the list to know till when

Due to the Farmers' Protest, over 2 dozen trains have been cancelled, here is a list of the trains cancelled until May 4

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If you are looking to travel by train, then it is important to know that nearly 2 dozen trains have been cancelled by Indian Railways. Reportedly, these trains have been affected due to farmers' protest 2024. Not only this, several trains running in Punjab are currently behind schedule. Shatabdi along with several superfast trains are currently running late. Shatabdi Express will be reaching the city station several hours behind the scheduled time. At present, Swaraj Express is running late by 3.25 hours, Hirakud Express by 3 hours, Sachkhand Express by 4 hours and the Amrapali Express by 3.30 minutes.


Of these, about 2 dozen trains belong to Jalandhar and Cantt stations which will remain cancelled till May 4. According to the list sent by the department, the trains cancelled on May 3 and 4 include train numbers:


  • 14681-14682 (Jalandhar City-New Delhi)
  • 04689-04690 (Jalandhar City-Ambala)
  • 14033-14034 (Old Delhi-Mata Vaishno Devi, Katra)
  • 12497-12498 (New Delhi-Amritsar)
  • 22429-22430 (Old Delhi-Pathankot)
  • 12459- 12460 (New Delhi- Amritsar)
  • 12053-12054 (Haridwar- Amritsar)
  • 14653-14654 (Hisar- Amritsar) 
  • 12411-12412 (Chandigarh-Amritsar)
  • 12241-12242 (Amritsar-Chandigarh)


Due to late trains, onward passengers were seen waiting at the station for a long time. People are demanding from the government that appropriate steps should be taken regarding their problem so that they can get relief. At the same time, the process of cancellation of trains will continue in the coming days also. Around 50 trains have been cancelled by the Railways.